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The Cosmic Genius of Big Boy Pete 1966 - 1979 - Volume 2

2022 - Mono-Tone Records LP

1. Strontium Ninety Nel
2. Convercircles
3. Nothingness Minus the Fun
4. Peter Pan
5. Flying Solo
6. Summerland
7. Freeloader

8. Bad Girl *
9. Going Up The Jungle *
10. Burnt Out**
11. Not So Long Ago *
12. Leave Us Alone**
13. Aunty Vera**
The King of Beretania *

All songs written by Peter Miller
P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2022
* Originally released on •22 Records - TT2202
** Never before escaped
Engineered and produced by Big Boy Pete
Side One - Recorded in England.
Side Two - Recorded at Pete's Union Street Studios in San Francisco, USA.

The Merry Musos Are:
Keyboards - Derek Shepherd, David Merrill
Drums - Robert Newton, Rob Anderson, Carl Tassi
Fender Bass - Tim Wagar, Chuck Dagit
Upright Bass - Charlie Degelman, Sean Silverman
Tenor sax - Ray Moseley
Seetar - Mahatma Van Daloo
Background vocals - Ricky Southern, Luke Watson, Roger Moon, Robert Newton, David Merrill, Ani Glaros

The Rollicking Rhayader Chorus are:
Terry Abstein, Bruce Adams, Rob Anderson, Ken Cameron, Charlie Degelman, Chuck Foley, Ani Glaros, Deborah Krantz, David Merrill, Melody Moseley, Penny Moseley, Ray Moseley, Pat Mullane, Peter Quayle, Norman Salant, Jay Shoemaker, Kate Shulman, Maryanne Tarantino, The Toons.



"POP-A-LOOZA" — March 2022

Big Boy Pete (nee Peter Miller) boasts quite an impressive pedigree. As lead guitarist of Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, the Norwich, England native enjoyed a run of success during the initial phase of the British Invasion.

Upon exiting the band in 1965, Peter became Big Boy Pete and received a bit of airplay in the UK with Baby I’ve Got News For You and Cold Turkey. John Lennon reportedly praised the latter single, so it’s probably no coincidence he called a song of his own Cold Turkey two years after Big Boy Pete’s forty-five arrived. On a related note, Big Boy Pete heard through the grapevine The Beatles were interested in signing him to their Apple label, which sadly never occurred.

Those assuming Baby I’ve Got News For You and Cold Turkey were the only items Big Boy Pete ever recorded, were pleasantly surprised a couple of decades down the pike when discovering he had tons of material languishing in the bin. A good amount of these tapes were reissued as album-length packages, rendering the now-San Francisco resident into a cult figure.

Big Boy Pete proceeds to plumb the archives, and has recently released The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1966-1979 Volume 2. Like its predecessor – The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1965-1977 Volume 1 – the collection is available on vinyl and is bolstered by printed lyrics and a goofy profile of Big Boy Pete authored by the man himself.

Riddled with the buzz of a tottering sitar, Strontium Ninety Nel sets the album in mettle motion to a punchy kaleidoscopic pulse, while the twinkling glimmer of Peter Pan and the orchestral beauty of Summerland detail the more delicate aspects of psychedelia. Also filed in this category is Convercircles, which sweeps and sways with taffy-stretching melodies and abstract imagery. Conducted by a taunting sneer based somewhere in the orbit of Bob Dylan and Sky Saxon, Nothingness Minus The Fun throbs insistently with rubbery riffs producing a bizarre breed of country folk rock.

Classic rockabilly is the chosen style on the wickedly catchy Bad Girl, and then there’s The King Of Berentania, that crosses reggae aspirations with new wave perspectives, before transforming into a sea shanty. An inspired Johnny Cash imitation is unveiled on the gruff and gravelly Burnt Out, menacing surf and spy rhythms crop up on the hard-edged jolt of Freeloader and Flying Solo soars forth to a powered pitch centered around a keen arrangement, biting fuzz guitars and commanding hooks.

Although Big Boy Pete keeps busy resurrecting material from yore, by no means does he live in the past. Apart from operating The Audio Institute of America in San Francisco, he continues to write and record original music. Those with an ear for a true blue rock and roll attitude that not only yields cool sounds, but adds wit, humor and surrealism to the show, will wear the grooves out of The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1966-1979,Volume 2, and then tune into his many other treasures, if they are not already acquainted with his work.

Beverly Paterson


Allow me to quote, word-for-most-accurate-indeed-word the shrinkwrapped stickerhype affixed to Mono-Tone Records’ The Cosmic Genius of Big Boy Pete 1965-1977, the very first of two (so far!) volumes of audio esoterica culled from the great man’s already voluminous discography:

Like an English Kim Fowley produced by Joe Meek or a one man Barrett era Pink Floyd, Big Boy Pete is the unsung hero of the sixties! This first ever vinyl compilation features his best 60s stuff on one side and seven unreleased gems from the 70s on the other – ranging from wild and fuzzy garage to psych pop and freaky country-rock!

What more could ever I hope to add to that??

Gary Pig Gold



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