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NEW - DVD release ( TT-2207)

Big Boy Pete

"Miller's Tales" TT-2207

Price US $24.95

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"Miller's Tales"


Another Big Boy Pete first . . . The Album of EyeTunes

A dozen new music videos that take this psychedelic icon’s world of mischief, mayhem and magic to a whole new place. This is what happens when you give Big Boy Pete a movie camera for Christmas. Consider yourself warned!

Twelve new tunes written expressly for the movie plus these Bonus Features:
No Limeys Left in London - Directors Cut (16.42)
Complete Song lyrics
The Story of Sheena Pictures
Big Boy Pete Biography

Produced, directed, filmed and performed by Big Boy Pete

FEATURE LENGTH: 62 minutes
TOTAL TIME: approx. 90 minutes

(Released March 2016)


Act 1

1. Once Upon a Tune (3:54)
2. Flicker (3:18)
3. Crazy Boy (3:23)
4. My Loyal Shadow (3:04)
5. No Limeys Left in London (8:50)
6. Get in the Car (2:43)

Act 2

7. Upside Down (3:48)
8. Wild Cards (3:02)
9. Gonna Ride My Fender (3:03)
10. Baby I Got Screwed by You (4.02)
11. Last Bus Out of Nashville (4:41)

12. Winnie (7:11)

Latest CD release ( TT-2206)

Big Boy Pete

"Through The Back Door" TT-2206

Price US $12.95

The word Creole is derived form the Latin word “creare,” which means to create.

Who else but Big Boy Pete could sneak though the back door into Louisiana’s boondocks and create an entirely new gumbo? A dozen fresh tales set amongst the Creole and Acadian mythologies oozed from his quinine quill.

What better than slave ghosts, voodoo queens, evil curses, riverboat clowns and ragtime party-girls to invoke Big Boy’s seventh sense and fuel his lusty appetite for stories of bewilderment and decadence?

If you’re expecting a traditional meal of cajun or zyedo - forget it. Certainly you’ll hear elements of those genres throughout the album but your psychloretic prince of peculiar has, as usual, stamped his own indelible pawprint of spices all over this feast. Close your eyes and savor them all.

(Released June 2013)

Click on a song to listen:


1. Party Time
2. Lazy Susan
3. Evangeline
4. Gypsy Queen
5. C'Mon Simone
6. Jazzdream

7. Bonaparte's Retreat
8. Avec Cuckoo
9. Dixie Darlin
10. Mona
11. Marie Laveau

12. Je T'Aime N'Orleans


Christmas Skiffle Album ( TT-2204)

Big Boy Pete and Hilton Valentine

"Merry Skifflemas" TT-2205

Price US $12.95

Legendary rockers Big Boy Pete and his old buddy Hilton Valentine (from the Animals) come together to bring you a unique album of Christmas Skiffle songs. A festive blend of traditional oldies and original newbies.

Pete and Hilton first met in 1963 when Pete was playing in Hilton's home town of Newcastle, UK. The previous night, Pete's Gretsch guitar had been stolen and Hilton was trusting enough to lend Pete his own Gretsch Tennessean for a couple of days.

This record was made the old way - with only three days in the recording studio using all analog tape recorders. Everyone playing together and singing at the same time . . .
Fun - Fun - Fun!

(Released November 2011)

Click on a song to listen:


1. It's Skifflemas Time
2. Silent Night
3. The Littlest Snowflake
4. Naughty Naughty Santa
5. Yo Ho Ho
6. My Old Man is Santa
I Wanna

8. God Rest Ye Gerry Mulligan
9. Little Drummer Boy
10. We Wish Youa Merry Christmas
11. White Christmas
12. Mistletoe Medley

13. The Twelve Lays of Christmas
14. Auld Lang Syne

Skiffle Album ( TT-2204)

Big Boy Pete and the
Offbeats skiffle group

"Winklepickin" TT-2204

Price US $12.95

Who else but Big Boy Pete would make the first real skiffle album in over 50 years!

And he did it with the members of his original group from 1959 - The Offbeats.

No old worn-out skiffle cover songs here, just twelve brand new original tunes, complete with washboard, strumming guitars and upright bass.

Did you know that the Beatles had a skiffle group before they played rock and roll?

(Released August 2010)


Click on a song to listen:


1. Do The Moony
2. Fishin
3. When Lonnie was King
4. Hemsby Gap
5. Last Train from Lowestoft
6. S.H.I.T.E. for Brains

7. The Ballad of Ada Woe
8. A.D.’s Axe
9. The Life of Riley
10. Let’s Make it One in a Row
11. Rum Do
12. Be Better - More Room

Guitar Instrumental Album (TT-2203-A)

Big Boy Pete - "Bark!"

Released May 2010, this is a limited edition of only 100 advanced promotional CDs.
Price US $12.95

Take six parts Bach piano preludes. Frost with 12 original new melodies played on guitar that totally meld with - but in no way compromise the original pieces. Result: Bach as never before.

Has anybody had the audacity to deplume Bach as an indentured servant? With great respect for The Master, Pete’s new compositions leave the Bach underlay completely unblemished. and neither undermine their beauty nor overwhelm their significance.

The album ends with a 18 minute rendition of the Largo movement from Dvorak’s New World Symphony which is played by a solitary guitar - accompanied only by the sound of a waterfall.

Click here to listen to a medley of the tunes.

Rockabilly Vinyl Album (TT-2202)

Peter Miller

"Rockin is my Bizness"

Released in 1986. Only a few copies remaining.
Price US $19.95

One dozen lesser-known rock 'n roll oldies covered in Pete's unique interpretation, leaving no rock unrolled and no guitar unscathed.

From Johnny Cash to Ricky Nelson by way of Brook Benton, these songs should have been hits.

"Claudine" is a previousy unheard compostion written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richard.

"Rosalie" is a never-before-heard song that came from a demo tape by legendary songsmiths Johnny and Dorsey Burnette.

The back-up musicians on this record are all world-class players in their own right.



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