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The Cosmic Genius of Big Boy Pete 1965 - 1977

2021 - Mono-Tone Records LP

1. Cold Turkey
2. Baby I Got News For You
3. Knit Me a Kiss
4. Paranoia
5. Nasty Nazi
6. My Love is Like a Spaceship
7. Me

8. Tic Tac Toe
9. The Blowjob Song
10. Pollination Blues
11. Soi Eighteen
12. Washington 400
13. Never Said I Loved You
Message to The A & R Man

All songs written by Peter Miller

P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2021

Engineered and produced by Big Boy Pete

Side One - Recorded in England.
Side Two - Recorded at Pete's Union Street Studios in San Francisco, USA.

Keyboards - Derek Shepherd, Peter London, David Merrill
Rhythm guitars - Peter Frampton, Winthro Farte
Fender Bass - George Parsons, Harvey Platt, Johnny Larke, Tim Wagar, Chuck Dagit
Upright Bass - Bing Nathan
Drums - Clive Monen, Robert Newton, Tony Chapman, Carl Tassi, Chris Earl
Percussion - Granville Hornsby

Backing Vocals - Derek Shepherd, Robert Newton, Peter London



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NOTHING YET - Beverly Paterson

"New York Waste" Jan. 2014, Oct. 2014
- Gary "Pig" Gold




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