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The Cosmic Genius of Big Boy Pete 1965 - 1977

2021 - Mono-Tone Records LP

1. Cold Turkey
2. Baby I Got News For You
3. Knit Me a Kiss
4. Paranoia
5. Nasty Nazi
6. My Love is Like a Spaceship
7. Me

8. Tic Tac Toe
9. The Blowjob Song
10. Pollination Blues
11. Soi Eighteen
12. Washington 400
13. Never Said I Loved You
Message to The A & R Man

All songs written by Peter Miller

P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2021

Engineered and produced by Big Boy Pete

Side One - Recorded in England.
Side Two - Recorded at Pete's Union Street Studios in San Francisco, USA.

Keyboards - Derek Shepherd, Peter London, David Merrill
Rhythm guitars - Peter Frampton, Winthro Farte
Fender Bass - George Parsons, Harvey Platt, Johnny Larke, Tim Wagar, Chuck Dagit
Upright Bass - Bing Nathan
Drums - Clive Monen, Robert Newton, Tony Chapman, Carl Tassi, Chris Earl
Percussion - Granville Hornsby

Backing Vocals - Derek Shepherd, Robert Newton, Peter London



"It's Psychedelic Baby magazine" — June 2021

Big Boy Pete was born at just the right time in just the right place to join the rock and roll revolution that shook the world to its core. His current package dips deeply into his back catalog. Pressed on vinyl, ‘The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1965-1977’ not only contains a smart selection of ditties, but comes equipped with lyrics and Big Boy Pete’s tips on the fine art of songwriting.

The first side of the album features tunes from the sixties, which captures Big Boy Pete’s skill for melding pop elements with enterprising wrinkles and crinkles. Imagine the snarky charm of Ray Davies intersecting with the acid-infested concepts of Syd Barrett, the primitive vibe of the Troggs and the melodic kick of the Who and the Move, and that pretty much summarizes the gist of these brilliant sentiments.
A shiny and spunky delivery, iced with fetching freakbeat flourishes are the tasty ingredients behind ‘Baby I Got News For You’, while both ‘Me’ and ‘Paranoia’ are illuminated by hissing sitars. Brash and urgent, ‘Nasty Nazi’ wheels in as an unsettling slab of burning angst, and ‘My Love Is Like A Spaceship’ nails a breathy seductive croon to a wall of glittery paisley pop whimsy.

A gripping groove, spiked with a jabbing break and quirky psychedelic shadings shape ‘Cold Turkey’, which bears no connection to the song of the same handle that John Lennon would conceive a couple of years down the road. But there is a neat story here. Word has it John was a fan of ‘Cold Turkey’ and wanted to sign Big Boy Pete to the Beatles-operated Apple label. Had that happened, the album Big Boy Pete was then recording – ‘World War IV – A Symphonic Poem’ – would have appeared on the iconic imprint. At any rate, it is safe to say John remembered Big Boy Pete’s cool oddity and ran with the title.

Side two of ‘The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1965-1977’ involves previously unreleased tracks from the seventies. Stressed by a slinky rhythm and a rocking punch, ‘Tic Tac Toe’ boasts a gruff and animated vocal reflecting a peculiar cross between Carl Perkins and Bobby “Boris” Pickett of ‘The Monster Mash’ fame, and the raunchy bounce of ‘The Blowjob Song’ tells a tale of adolescent romance.

Sparsely arranged, the acoustic based ‘Never Said I Loved You’ is an aching ballad, and the eclectic ‘Washington 400’ mixes rockabilly bop with snippets of progressive rock and other bits and bobs of musical curiousities to interesting effects. ‘Pollination Blues’ is carved of bluesy chords and pinching hooks, and ‘Message To The A&R Man’ stands as a kiss-off memo to narrow-minded nitwits in the biz. Telegraphed in a surly pitch, complete with profanties, the biting cut spills forth with insight and honesty.

Belted tight with cracked and clever verse, unusual structures and sonic experimentation, ‘The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1965-1977’ provides a great sampling of the living legend’s vintage endeavors. As these songs reveal, Big Boy Pete was a true visionary, penning and playing psychedelic sounds, punk rock and indie pop before these genres even existed.

Beverly Paterson

"Heartfelt from the Record Store" — August 2021

Thierry Arnaud from Cosmic Trip in Draguignan has fallen for The Cosmic Genius of Big Boy Pete. Being born in a certain time and after forty-five years of passion, it is particularly surprising to discover an illustrious stranger, all the more so if he belongs to a period in which one believed to already know everything and for which one had no longer too much hope of stumbling upon a forgotten nugget. This unexpected discovery, we owe to the label from the French Riviera, Mono-Tone Records, world-famous, well beyond Saint-Laurent-du-Var, which has just released this album for Disquaire Day, the very first compilation from Peter Miller, aka Big Boy Pete.

In the cover photo, this Big Boy looks like Big O (Roy Orbison) but musically, we need to scrutinize more on the philosophical side of his songs than Kim Fowler. Might as well tell you right away that the man does not simulate him at all, and he seems quite deranged. The first side is dedicated to the 60s with some 45s that became collectors' item, and with a little luck, could have nourished this man. For example, his own composition - Cold Turkey well equals one of a certain Lennon. Baby I Got New For You with Peter Frampton could have been a hit also, as well as Paranoia if they had been signed by Syd Barrett.  As far as Nasty Nazi arriving at a certain age after 40 years of passion, it is particularly astonishing to discover this unknown content, especially if it belongs to a period in which we thought we knew it all and for which we did not have much hope to fall onto a forgotten lump of gold. 

This unexpected discovery,  we owe to the label of the French Riviera, Mono Tone Records, worldly known well beyond the Saint-Laurent-du-Var. This album just got released for the Record Store Day, the very first compilations from Peter Miller, AKA Big Boy Pete. On the cover photo, Big Boy has some faux resemblance to Big O but Nasty Nazi and My Love Is Like a Spaceship is well kept and psyche as we like it. The second side, is more Rock'n'Roll, with a look at blues-rock, it concentrates on his unreleased recordings from the 70s.  All of these stay tinkered with, wobbly and twisted. (Tic Tac Toe, The Blowjob Song), we cannot get over it. But unfortunately, it's a fact that history does not remember the unlucky and the ones from the loser's kingdom. This Big Boy Pete could pass Alex Chilton for Rod Stewart!  I told myself that there is still one handful of examples of this disk in the boxes. The latent amateurs of Cosmic genius must rehabilitate, they know now what they need to do.


"From Re-Editions magazine" — August 2021

We did not know Peter Miller was also Big Boy Pete. His "Baby I Got News For You" that came out in 1965 was the freakbeat classic that was featured in the "Perfumed Gardens" album. This eccentric English musician and producer has been in the underground for 60 years.  This mix contains many of his 60s' productions — often performed with sitar ("Paranoia" "Me") as well as some unreleased 70s songs that are more Rock'n'Roll with some provocative lyrics. ("The Blowjob Song").


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